About Crateful Catering Los Angeles

We are a full-service culinary company, providing high-end catering, private chef offerings, cooking classes, artesian craft bar services, corporate + production catering management for all Southern California.

Emanuele Ponzo


Chief Executive Operator

Born in Rome, Italy from a Sicilian father and Calabrese mother. His passion for a farm-to-table lifestyle cultivated at the age of three, at his grandparent’s farm where he would help his grandma with a homemade dish, while also being playful in the kitchen.

After a back injury, young Emanuele had to let go of his passion of playing soccer as a professional athlete and pursued his educational degree in Law and later focused on a successful career in Italy. After having met his lovely wife, Olga, they decided to move to the United States when they were about to have their first baby. The transition—although groundbreaking, was not as easy migration. Language barriers and the unfamiliarity of a new environment were some obstacles that Emanuele and his family have been able to overcome throughout the years. Through the hardship, he has gained various experiences and with extreme dedication and persistency, Emanuele was able to learn English, studied the market, and make strong business connections, to conceive Crateful Catering in 2015.


To help you create the most unique, thoughtful dining experiences as a
family-oriented, multi-cultural, and creative team.

Our mission is to offer you a memorable, tasteful, and stress-free experience— no matter the project, and no matter the budget.


A few ingredients can create an extraordinary dish. High-quality food pairs well with simplicity, which allow for our talented and diverse culinary team to infuse their own twist into each dish. Using your event theme and cultural recipe fusions, we tell a story through flavor profiles. And we make it personal by creating harmony between your food and environment around us.



We believe in being elegant & sophisticated, but only if we can be human at the same time. If you walk through our events you will feel it: The energy & love for humanity is palpable. The fun is contagious. The design is exquisite.

We represent an open mind about the world and its influences. We embrace racial, cultural and gender diversity. We build on it to make us greater than who we are as individuals. We believe in unity & community. We participate regularly in training courses with our staff so as to always provide a safe, loving work environment.